Yonnie Fung

Yonnie Fung graduated from the Australian National University in law and political science, specialising in human rights and gender studies.  She was an international policy advisor to the Australian government and a lawyer for a magic circle global law firm before becoming a mind body educator.  Yonnie draws on yoga, natural movement, yoga therapy, trauma theory, attachment theory and neuroscience in her work. She is also a Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga Facilitator.  

Yonnie deeply values yoga and movement practices that are accessible to all without exception.  She is also a lover of natural places and believes being in nature is integral to all dimensions of our wellbeing.  She seeks to connect people to both movement and the outdoors with her work. 


She founded Yoga with Yonnie in 2011, an award winning yoga and movement space in Beijing, dedicated to small classes, non-commercialism, integrity and cultivating real human connections.

Yonnie believes that yoga should support each person’s unique and highly personal inquiries and empowerment.  She is also committed to yoga that is adapted to each individual, no matter their starting point. 

Yonnie has guided people of all shapes, cultures, ages, sizes and abilities in private and small group settings. She values a collaborative learning environment over an authoritative styles, and seeks to help students and clients in discovering what they need to feel well and whole. 

Yonnie has advocated for introducing yoga therapy into medical contexts and has a close working relationship with the physiotherapy team at Beijing’s Raffles Medical’s integrating yoga practices to patients recovering from injuries and chronic pain. She also pioneered the introduction of trauma sensitive yoga classes in Beijing where she held classes for survivors of complex trauma.   She adopts trauma sensitive principles of supporting empowerment, choice making, and collaboration through all of her classes. 

Yonnie has studied yoga with teachers from a range of lineages.  She is currently most interested in peer directed learning, collaborating in yoga renaissance circles and with those from other movement disciplines.  Yonnie has more than 5,000hrs of teaching experience, holds a Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy with Dr Natesan Chandrasekaran, studied Anatomy and physiology with Simon Borg Olivier,  is a L1 MovNat certified instructor, and completed the Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga Facilitator’s course with David Emery at the Justice Resource Centre in Massachusetts. She is currently studying yoga philosophy with Brenda Feuerstein. 

Yonnie has recently relocated to Washington DC where she will to continue her work for survivors of complex trauma, and offer classes that involve movement, yoga and nature.