Testimonials from Yonnie’s clients

Yonnie is the best teacher I’ve come across in my 25+ years of practice. Sensitive, rigorous, kind, honest, experienced and incredibly knowledgeable; as a counselor I particularly recommend her to my clients for trauma-sensitive movement and embodiment therapy.
— Mia Livingston, Author and Counsellor, UK
Yonnie has been teaching me for nigh on 8 years. I told her I wasn’t into om, but really wanted to understand how my body worked and to find a little headspace through yoga. She taught me to breathe properly, which sounds insane but it has been life changing. Yonnie is governed by empathy and tailors each practice to my needs. With warmth, humour and wisdom, Yonnie has made me a stronger, more peaceful version of myself.
— Jessica Rudd, Author, Australia
Yonnie was always sensitive to individual needs of those in the class and helped me regain my strength after years of down time.  She is an inspiring teacher.  Her depth of knowledge of the body and practice, her calm, her guidance inspired me to go more deeply into the practice.  I found myself buying an ashtanga book to learn more.  Yonnie’s vast experiences, both as a professional and a yogi, bring something to her class that I had never felt before.  I think anyone who tries her class would find the same thing.  Truly a magnificent teacher.  
— Kristiana Leniart, Montessori teacher, Bellevue WA, USA
Perhaps the best thing I’ve ever lucked into as a person with a body that I like to use, but is often broken in some way, is Yoga with Yonnie. She brings knowledge, integrity, humor, and balance to her practice in a way that empowers her students to find the same things for themselves. When I started with Yonnie eight years ago, she was my teacher, now, she is my friend.
— Caroline Scott, USA
I always liked the idea of yoga but it did not stick, until Yonnie. I practiced Yoga with her until I left Beijing and have honestly not found anyone who matches her patience, attentiveness and skill. If you are new to yoga or a pro, Yonnie will not disappoint you. 
— Jaspal Channa,  UK
Yoga with Yonnie is the best yoga class I’ve taken! Yonnie is incredibly knowledgeable and sensitive to all levels. My flexibility, strength and general well being have improved so much over the 2 years I did classes with Yonnie in Beijing, and it was absolutely one of the warmest and inclusive communities in the city. Recommended for anyone wanting to explore the basics of human movement in a safe environment.
— Jo Bayndrian, Australia
I practiced with Yonnie for about 7 years in Beijing. What I most loved about classes with Yonnie was her deep knowledge about yoga and how our bodies move and respond, with all our individual idiosyncrasies.

Yonnie always brings a presence to classes and takes care with each individual and their practice, so that we do what works best for us. Classes are small and personalised. Classes are also given in a way that creates a safe and nurturing space, and Yonnie shares her own continued learning and exploration of yoga and movement through discussions and questions.

Yonnie’s approach is not about achieving the perfect yoga bum or focussing on any other kind of perpetual chase to some kind of goal, and this is so refreshing and rare in that ever-growing yoga-alliance-branded-achievement-oriented version of yoga. We need more Yonnie yoga teachers in the world! 
— Nicola Radich, New Zealand

Through her gracious, thoughtful instruction she created an atmosphere of inclusion and a low-stakes environment in which to connect with my body and self. In Yonnie’s classes I always felt empowered and capable even when I couldn’t quite nail the posture, because Yonnie encouraged us to listen to our own bodies and move within the healthy limits of what our bodies were capable of. 

It’s not to say that Yonnie didn’t challenge us in our practice; I certainly grew in strength, flexibility, and mindfulness through her instruction. But she reminded us that yoga is a personal practice and the ultimate goal was to heal our bodies, not hurt them.
— Alexa Penton, Manager Slow Boat Brewery, USA
Yonnie is a skilled and perceptive yoga teacher who helped me recover health and strength after a life-threatening (and body-altering) illness
— Jemma Allen, New Zealand
I have been to many yoga classes (of various styles) in my day, and HANDS DOWN, Yonnie’s Hatha and Ashtanga classes are the most methodical, most professional and most life-altering I have ever had the pleasure to attend! She is active, instructive, participative, thoughtful and inspirational as she teaches with tremendous passion and great patience. I feel fortunate to be Yonnie’s student and to have the opportunity to experience her classes which have an awesome, and lasting, positive effect!
— Javiera Escobar, Chile
I came to Yonnie in early 2012 with severe sciatica pain, unable to find relief from physical therapy, acupuncture, TCM, or massage therapy. She was doing something I had never heard of: yoga therapy. 

The slower pace and longer time spent in each asana was and continues to be of much greater benefit to not only my body, but also my psyche. Stress levels have dropped noticeably!

It’s been such a joy to follow along with Yonnie for nearly seven years and to have been part of her sharing her new discoveries and insights as she moved into more yoga therapy and Natural Movement. I have learned how to listen to the needs of my physical and mental health, especially living in one of the world’s largest cities. 

Yonnie has also been a major influence in how I teach music, and how I interact with the world in general. She is a knowledgeable, kind, and aware of her own humanness, and I strive to live up to that standard with my own students. 
— Terri Handy, Musician, USA
She is also a great enabler and is always encouraging her students to learn and understand yoga so that we could also do it on our own one day. She was our teacher for more than two years and our yoga classes with her was one of the things we greatly missed about Beijing.
— Day & Steff, Berlin, Germany
I could not recommend Yoga with Yonnie more highly. I have tried yoga many times through the years, but it’s never stuck. This has totally changed since learning from and practicing with Yonnie. Her patience, her compassion, her incredible wealth of knowledge and her deep intelligence inform every interaction in a class.

Yonnie and her classes have completely changed the way that I relate to my body and how it moves, and I’m quite certain I’ll carry this with me always! Try Yoga with Yonnie. I promise you that you’ll still hear her voice in your head, encouraging & teaching you, long after class is over. Thank you Yonnie.
— Emma Douglas, diplomat, UK