Community fund-raising for humanitarian crises in Yemen and Syria

Yoga with Yonnie has regular fund-raising activities to support international NGOs working in crisis areas. Since 2015 we have raised over US$10,000, all donated to Save the Children and Medicins sans Frontieres to help victims of humanitarian crises in Yemen and Syria.

Yoga for Yemen 2018 44,741
Yoga for Syria 2016 14,334
Yoga for Syria 2015 10,000
Total CNY 69,075
Total USD approx $10,360

Yoga for Syria 2016


A pop-up yoga class was held at Ditan Park on Saturday 15 October 2016 at 10-11am. The class fee was 150 rmb.

The class, and related donations, raised 14,334元。Yoga With Yonnie matched the first ten class fees (1,500元) and the remainder was donated by students and concerned people across Beijing. Thank you to all who supported this effort.

One hundred per cent of the funds raised was donated to Medecins san Frontieres on 18 October 2016. The receipt appears below (the donation was made in Australian dollars using the conversion rate on the day). The receipt for 2015's Yoga for Syria appears further down below.


Yoga for Yemen 2018

In 2018, working with a wide network of concerned people and Beijing businesses, we raised 44,741 rmb with "Yoga for Yemen" and the associated activities listed below. All the money was donated to Save the Children for its program in Yemen, a country recently described by the United Nations Secretary General as "the world's worst humanitarian crisis".  Further details, and the tax receipts for the donations, can be seen below.

On 1 July 2018 we hosted Yoga for Yemen at  Ditan Park in Beijing. Yoga with Yonnie matched the donations of the first ten students (2,000 rmb). 

On that day and in the month of July, other concerned Beijingers and Beijing businesses hosted:
Family & Children Yoga for Yemen, Kung Fu for Yemen, Triathlon for Yemen, Reiki for Yemen, Non-violence for Yemen, Calligraphy for Yemen, Belly Dancing for Yemen, Pizza for Yemen (Bottega), Moka Bros for Yemen, Banh Mi for Yemen (Roll Box), Bread for Yemen (the Bake Shop), and Slow Boat for Yemen. The fundraising effort also inspired others to raise money as well. 

All the money raised totalled 44,741 rmb. It was all donated to Save the Children. Receipts appear below.


Yoga for Syria 2015

A big thank you to all of you who donated to and/or participated in Yoga for Syria on 19 September 2015 and those who supported Soap for Syria.

A total of 10,000 元 was raised as follows:

Class fees for Yoga for Syria: 2,830
Yoga with Yonnie matching first ten students' fees: 1,800
Yoga with Yonnie apostrophe tax: 50*
Additional donations by students: 3,165
Donations via Soap for Syria: 2,155
TOTAL: 10,000

100 per cent of your class fee, soap proceeds and donations were transferred to Medecins san Frontieres, a well known and respected NGO performing relief work in Syria. The receipt is below (RMB10,000 = A$2190 at time of donation).
*We mis-used an apostrophe in one of our earlier communications. As former lawyers, we feel compelled to make amends.