How do yoga therapy sessions work?

Yoga therapy sessions will require at least three visits.

Session 1

In the first session, we discuss the reasons that have led you to coming to see me and to see where you are at so I have an idea of where to begin.  There might be some movement in different planes, possibly some breathing. I’ll follow your lead.

After our first session, I'll design a yoga practice  based on your priorities. The length of your practice can vary depending on your needs. If you can put aside an hour a day, I'll design an hour long practice. If 5-10 minutes is more realistic for you, then that is how we can proceed.   

With your consent, I might consult with my supervisor Dr Chandrasekaran wherever needed. If you would also like for me to consult with your health care provider, I’m happy to do so.

Session 2

In our second session, I typically guide clients through the practice I propose.  We can use the session to verify if the practice is working out for you, and if any variations need to be made to the sequence design.  As this is a collaborative process, the client will invited to give feedback.    The sequence will be drawn for you and you are welcome to record your session if you wish.

Session 3

The third session can be used to follow up on your practice. The session can also be used to clarify any queries or make variations on your sequence if they’re needed.

Will yoga therapy
suit you?

Yoga therapy ideally suits those who would like to actively participate in their own health.  The goal, over time, is that you’ll feel empowered to practice independently. Our histories, lifestyles, age, genetics, interests, shapes and abilities are all different - it stands to reason that your practice should also be unique.  I’ll guide you along the road to discovering what feels most right to you.

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